It’s hot

Right now the french bulldog breed is really popular.  The average cost for a AKC french bulldog puppy in the United States is $3500.  There are some french bulldog puppies that are less expensive and others that are more expensive.  The less expensive puppies are typically the product of a “puppy mill” or from parents who are non-conforming to AKC standards.  Puppies from “mills” are not socialized or healthy.  These puppies come with a health burden and are often more costly than a puppy purchased from a reputable breeder.  The more expensive puppies are typically the product of AKC champion bloodlines or the puppies have “rare” colors or markings.  The average family is looking for a companion puppy.  French bulldogs are great companions.  Breeding french bulldogs comes at a great expense to the breeder.  Proper diet, veterinary care, testing, and devotion are necessary to ensure a successful breeding.  Once the puppies are whelped, both mom and puppies require around the clock care until puppies are ready to meet their forever families.IMG_0001

Let’s not forget

As a former military member, I made sacrifices.  As a wife of a current military member, I make sacrifices.  We sacrifice our time, our individuality, our spontaneity, but we also gain strength, courage, and pride.  I didn’t know that I could leave everything and everyone that I knew behind when I enlisted.  I didn’t think that I could manage being active duty, having two small children, and a husband, who was floating somewhere in the Persian Gulf.  I’ve complained, I’ve stomped my feet in frustration, and I’ve cried when my husband told me that he was extended and he wasn’t coming home as expected.  I can imagine the feeling of being told that my husband wouldn’t be coming home.  I don’t ever want to forget the many men and women who haven’t made it safely home.  The sacrifice they made is beyond anything that I’ve gave.  I’m grateful that my husband is coming home, eventually he’ll walk through the front door, drop his sea bag on the floor, and unlace his boots until the next time that duty calls.

It’s hot in here

If your dogs are like mine, they love to “go”.  My frenchies love to go on walks, scooter rides, and car rides.  When we go places, I’m careful to have the things my dogs will need, especially when it’s hot outside.  I always take plenty of water, treats, poop bags, and toys.  As pet owners we have to be mindful during the summer months that our dogs can suffer from heat stroke just like us.  Another thing to be mindful of is not leaving our dogs in a hot car, even if you think you’ll just be gone a few minutes.  It only takes a few minutes for something awful to happen to your dog. Additionally, Virginia Law allows first responders to gain access to the unattended pet by any means.

Fast and Frenchie

I did it….I finally did it.  Today, I started to build my own website. I made a Facebook ™ page and an Instagram ™ account dedicated to my Frenchies.  I am really passionate and enthusiastic about Frenchies, especially mine.  I have to admit that I’ve been a little slow using social media.  My 10 year-old and 8 year-old know more about using Snapchat ™ than I do.   My friends pay each other money back using Venmo ™ I’m the least likely person to start a blog, but here it is.  I did it fast and I did with Frenchies.  Please be patient with me, as the saying goes “it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.”  For the love of Frenchies, I will try to blog so you can fall in love with Frenchies too.