LeBlanc Frenchies began with an affection for the French Bulldog breed.  I longed to own a Frenchie.  If you are reading this, you too might long to own a Frenchie.  Their funny ears, small body, and BIG personality will make you fall in love.  I hope to provide information and resources for other warm-hearted French Bulldog hopeful owners.  Our French Bulldogs, Lulu and Beau are important members of our family.  Our family includes a dachshund named Daisy and a cat named Sylvester Socks.  While this site is dedicated to our Frenchies, Daisy and Slyvester may make appearances…

A little about me, my name is Tonja Devolgado.  I’m a registered nurse, I hold certifications in critical and progressive care.  I’m working as a resource RN in those areas.  I’m currently enrolled in an adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner program at Virginia Commonwealth University.  My husband Roy is active in the Navy as a First Class Petty Officer and together we have two children, Natilyn and Brady.  The humans in this family may appear in some photos, but I will try to keep the focus on the real reason you visited my site, the Frenchies….

Our Frenchies are seldom home alone, as my mom relocated from Ohio to be with our family.  Our Frenchies are socialized, my house is a hub for the neighborhood children, we take them to the park, stores, drive-thru, training classes, etc.  Our Frenchies are healthy, we take them to the veterinarian regularly, provide them with vaccinations, treat with flea, tick, and heart-worm prevention, and feed them a high quality diet.  Our Frenchies are loved…..You just might fall in love too and that’s okay.  Please feel free to tell us through email, Instagram, or Facebook.  If you have any questions contact us.  Thanks for visiting our website.