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Right now the french bulldog breed is really popular.  The average cost for a AKC french bulldog puppy in the United States is $3500.  There are some french bulldog puppies that are less expensive and others that are more expensive.  The less expensive puppies are typically the product of a “puppy mill” or from parents who are non-conforming to AKC standards.  Puppies from “mills” are not socialized or healthy.  These puppies come with a health burden and are often more costly than a puppy purchased from a reputable breeder.  The more expensive puppies are typically the product of AKC champion bloodlines or the puppies have “rare” colors or markings.  The average family is looking for a companion puppy.  French bulldogs are great companions.  Breeding french bulldogs comes at a great expense to the breeder.  Proper diet, veterinary care, testing, and devotion are necessary to ensure a successful breeding.  Once the puppies are whelped, both mom and puppies require around the clock care until puppies are ready to meet their forever families.IMG_0001

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