Let’s not forget

As a former military member, I made sacrifices.  As a wife of a current military member, I make sacrifices.  We sacrifice our time, our individuality, our spontaneity, but we also gain strength, courage, and pride.  I didn’t know that I could leave everything and everyone that I knew behind when I enlisted.  I didn’t think that I could manage being active duty, having two small children, and a husband, who was floating somewhere in the Persian Gulf.  I’ve complained, I’ve stomped my feet in frustration, and I’ve cried when my husband told me that he was extended and he wasn’t coming home as expected.  I can imagine the feeling of being told that my husband wouldn’t be coming home.  I don’t ever want to forget the many men and women who haven’t made it safely home.  The sacrifice they made is beyond anything that I’ve gave.  I’m grateful that my husband is coming home, eventually he’ll walk through the front door, drop his sea bag on the floor, and unlace his boots until the next time that duty calls.

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